ROLLON ’s range of linear bearings are setting new standards due to its innovative design and technical concepts.
The MONORACE family,which is based on different C-shaped rails with a wide range of sliders, offers unique linear solutions for all  kinds of automated applications for many different industries.
ROLLON ’s system with roller sliders and internal raceways, offers the market’s highest performing system, along with being the most size wise compact system.
The  MR – ML rail series are high precision cold-drawn profiles, made from a specific Casehardening steel alloy, to assure optimal surface hardening by nitrogen diffusion. In addition the treatment also provides a strong resistance against corrosion, while reducing  friction and wear, to assure  long rail life.

LAN rails are made from sheet steel and shaped by high precision, ultra-smooth forming rollers. They are then case hardened using our revolutionary TRACE-NOX nitriding and black oxidising process to ensure an extended lifetime and excellent corrosion resistance.

The unique design of ROLLON ’s linear bearings, along with the products capacity to fit non precise installation constructions, assures an optimal linear solution for the wide range of applications outside the typical machine tool market. eg : motion equipment, transport/military vehicles, office furniture, etc.