The company was founded in 2004 thanks to the founders considerable experience in the field of linear motion. The winning idea was to develop a high performance range of linear rails for  medium precision application using an innovative production process, providing:

  • Increased load/moment capacities
  • Substantially increased corrosion resistances
  • Easy assembly
  • Lower cost

The HQ and the production facility is located in Aicurzio (Milan) Italy, in a newer and larger building of 2.000 mq with 4.000 mq of surrounding land.

The German branch ROLLON GmbH was established in January 2006 and it is located in Burscheid (Dusseldorf).
The facility of 500 mq has a good supply of stock and a small local production, assuring good service to direct OEM customers, along with German distributors.

ROLLON SpA - produces a wide range of linear bearings, with unique design and highly innovative featurers.

The company is composed of:
R&D Department: The fundamental part of ROLLON, with more than 20 years experience in developing Linear Bearings, based on a C-shaped cold-drawn profile.

Our Designers operate CAS 30 Solidworks - Certified "Solid Works Professional"

Production: The main manufacturing activities inside our facility are the rail profile machines and the assembling of finished products such as sliders and telescopics.

The special hardening and corrosion treatments are outsourced to specific sub suppliers, conforming to patented specifications by ROLLON .
The roller-bearings and some other mechanical parts which conform to ROLLON’s design and standard of quality are produced in China by our partner company which has more than 10 years of operating experience
Our cold-drawn profiles are supplied by a worldwide leader of precision profiles. The production concept allows for a very flexible and efficient structure  ensuring competitive production costs and low share of investments.

Highly modular products: offer the possibility to have local production/assembling in main international markets, with relatively small investment, ensuring  fast local deliveries and eventual minor customization of the products locally.

Internally the company’s IT-system operates on E.R.P. 2, to ensure an integrated processing from R&D to actual sale.
Since 2006 certified: UNI EU ISO 2001-2008.



Manufacturing processes:
Internal production is mainly related to rail marking and assembling of the final product, based on modular products.

Main equipment used:

  • High efficiency rail cutting machine
  • Multi spindle vertical CNC machines
  • Special finishing machine for internal raceways, - own design
  • Automatic rail straightening equipment
  • Specific assembling desks
  • Instruments and preloading equipment
  • Ink-marking

Quality assurance system:
Based on certified instruments for mechanical dimensional 3D controls are made.

For inspection of roughness, hardening etc. a nearby laboratory is involved to assure highly qualified support.

  • Profile control
  • Hardness
  • Roughness control

R&D testing of new products:
New products are internally validated, after dimensional calculation in own testing rigs.

Both static and life-time tests are made, for loads within 5000 Kg and continous cycles.

  • Testing rig for Life-time tests
  • Testing rig for static loads/moments
  • Testing rig for Telescopic slides